Mobile Applications

T.C. Maltepe Üniversitesi
iOS & Android Radio

The application delivers the live and recorded Maltepe University Radio, background listening, pausing and listening..

T.C. Maltepe Üniversitesi
iOS & Android Television

Application that enables live television broadcasting and monitoring of students' test broadcasts. To serve to high number of people app built with WebRTC technology and P2P support.

Mobile Market

The Mobile Market application, which aims to enable small and medium-sized markets to enter the mobile and internet market quickly, enables businesses to move to digital with the Get-Buy and pre-order features without creating an initial cost.


Puzzle consisting of 35 chapters, entertaining puzzles played by pressing the Squares.

Rotary 2420 Radio

A news and radio application for Rotary 2420 division.

Turkish Speed Reading

The first Turkish speed reading app when it was published in the Apple Store, attracted great attention in 2012 with its 45-day special program and 9 different exercises.


The Apple Store's most expensive dating app for $ 999 which was developed exclusively for iOS in the United States to meet individuals in the high-end income group.

Web Applications

T.C. Maltepe Üniversitesi
Web Radyosu

To publish Maltepe University Radio using HTML5 without any add-ons for easy listening via browser.

T.C. Maltepe Üniversitesi
Web Televizyonu

Broadcasting with HTML5 and WebRTC for easy viewing of the live TV broadcast over the browser.

Nike Running
No Reason Co.

A mobile check-in system and event management platform build for No Reason Co. which is the registered running group of Nike Turkey.


TİMSAN group's 6 companies put under the same roof to create brand awareness and singularity.

İstinye Rotary

İstinye Rotary's Rotary 2420 radio project.


Live match statistics platform. Delivery of instant match data from a practical interface to the end user.

Bosch Buderus Servisleri

The official site and micro sites of Isısan Authorized Services within the Bosch Buderus.

Puan Tour

A special design and structure has been developed for the tourism agency to make a reservation easily from the senior citizens group with little technology knowledge.

Noor Tribe

A brand new platform generated to share events and create a social community based on Yoga and Healing.

Project House Romania


MLord - Motors

Ersan Hukuk

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